General application for access

Scientists and researchers interested in using the facilities and or research area of Rif Field Station in 2019 can now apply for access. The following call is available here in a pdf format.

2019-03-18 (1)

Certain factors are used as the basis for application evaluation:  

  • Relevance of the project in relation to Rif Field Station’s goals and objectives
  • How the project supports and enhances knowledge, e.g. regarding the state of biodiversity and ecosystems in the Northern and Arctic regions, the impacts of climate change, human-nature interactions etc.
  • Relevance of the project in relation to the area itself as well as the international scientific community
  • Relevance of the project in relation to Iceland’s policies and obligations regarding Northern and Arctic issues

Below is a special application form. Kindly save the document and fill it out as best you can. Application forms should be sent via email to

Application for access 2019

Additional documents and statements (if deemed necessary) should be sent to the same email address.