Information for INTERACT TA users

A call for access to INTERACT stations offering physical access for scientists and researchers  is now open for projects taking place between March 2018 and April 2019.

Rif Field Station offers physical access within the INTERACT Transnational Access program for this time period and we encourage everyone to consider the station as an option. Transnational Access includes free access for user groups/users to research facilities and field sites.

Here you can find TA call informationstations available in the calldescriptions of stations and their facilities, and registration to the INTERACCESS on-line application system from the INTERACT website

For accepted projects and recent visitors:

  • General application form: Here is an application form for TA users that we please ask you to fill out and send via email prior to your visit. Any special requests, i.e. regarding accommodation preferences, meals during your stay, logistical requirements or data requests should be mentioned here.
  • Access cost: Here you can find and download our TA Access cost form for reimbursement purposes.
  • Project report: Here is a Project report form that we kindly ask you to fill out after your visit.

After filling out the forms in an appropriate manner, please send them via email to

For additional information, questions or comments, please contact us through or fill out the contact form below: