Rif Field Station is meant to enhance and encourage scientific research and monitoring in Melrakkaslétta, e.g. by attracting Icelandic and international scientists. Melrakkaslétta’s unique natural environment, in combination with the infrastructure in Raufarhöfn village, has great potential for researchers interested in Arctic ecosystems and how it is affected e.g. by climate change and increased human activities.

Rif Field stations has three main objectives:

  • To promote and enhance research concerning the natural environment of Melrakkaslétta, especially in the light of Iceland’s commitments in Arctic cooperation.
  • To gather and distribute information about the area’s natural environment to the public, the government and the global community.
  • To support the local community, by participating in the community, e.g. through education and by supporting nature-related tourism.

Further information about the Field Station’s facilities, collaborations and contacts can be found in the sidebar to the right on this page.