Raufarhöfn is easily accessible by car from the towns of Húsavík and Akureyri, via roads nr. 85 and then the old main road nr. 870. Road nr. 85 is maintained and serviced all year round but the old main road (870), which runs along the coast from Kópasker to Raufarhöfn, is not serviced during winter, so access can be limited then.

Raufarhöfn’s harbour and church – photo: Jónas Friðrik Guðnason

Distances by road are:

  • Reykjavík – Raufarhöfn: 610 km
  • Akureyri – Raufarhöfn: 222 km
  • Húsavík – Raufarhöfn: 130 km
  • Þórshöfn – Raufarhöfn: 67 km

The nearest domestic airports are at Þórshöfn (67 km), 10 km south from Húsavík and at Akureyri. Eagle Air operates flights from Reykjavík to Húsavík and Air Iceland from Reykjavík to Akureyri. Norlandair operates flights between Akureyri and Þórshöfn. A small airport is located 10 km south of Raufarhöfn, now only used for emergencies.

A limited scheduled bus service is available between Akureyri, Húsavík and Raufarhöfn.

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